Acura Navigation System & Real-Time Traffic Feature

May 19th, 2020 by

Acura’s navigation system is made to be fast, easy to read, and incredibly convenient. The system allows you to enter an address or search a location using the interface dial or the voice recognition system.

The screen will map out your path on screen and show special displays to guide you through freeway ramps, interchanges, and forks in the road. The system can also provide voice guidance if desired.

AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic Feature

The Real-Time Traffic feature helps you avoid traffic jams by displaying continuously updated traffic information.

Interstates, expressways, and busy side streets are all color-coded to indicate traffic flow levels. There are icons that indicate the location of accidents and traffic conditions affected by construction and weather.

Traffic Routing will suggest another route if the system determines that the alternative is at least two minutes faster. You also have the option to have the system list only traffic-impacting collisions and construction zones in your surrounding area.

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