Acura Electronic Gear Selector & Multi-View Camera

May 12th, 2020 by

Electronic Gear Shifter

The electronic gear shifter replaces the traditional shift knob with a sleek, convenient, button control panel. The system uses a combination of push buttons and pull-levers to shift the car into different gears.

The lack of a traditional shifter knob creates a clean open space between the driver and passenger. It also eliminates interference with low-mounted controls and cup-holders.

Push buttons are used to activate Park, Drive, and Neutral and pull-levers are used to put the car in Reverse and to activate the Parking Brake. These two different types of buttons are used so that the driver doesn’t accidentally push the wrong gear. Whichever gear the car is in, that button will be lit up.

Multi-View Camera

The rear camera produces a center screen display whenever the car is in Reverse. Three separate views allow the driver to select the view that best fits the situation. Pressing Enter on the center panel cycles through the three camera options.

  • Normal View
    • Helps the driver see objects that are too low to be seen through the rear view mirror
  • Wide-Angle View
    • Shows 170 degrees behind the vehicle which helps the driver see other vehicles or pedestrians on either side of the car
  • Top-Down View
    • Gives the driver an aerial view of the vehicle; particularly useful for parallel parking
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