Smail Ride Along - 2016 Acura MDX Test Drive

Get in the 2016 Acura MDX for a test drive with Smail sales consultant Michael Hedfors in this latest video in the Smail Ride Along series.

Right off the bat you get to see the electronic gear selector in action. With his foot on the brake, Michael simply presses the drive button, and off we go. This specific MDX is the advanced package, so it has all the safety features with AcuraWatch technology suite, which includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, Forward Collision Warning, and Collision Mitigation Braking.

You can experience the smooth and quiet ride, as Michael drives around stretches of Route 30 in Greensburg. It's a three row, 7 passenger SUV, "fantastic for long road trips," Michael says. "Especially with this model with all the driver assistance features that it has, it's just a truly great car to cruise on the highway with."

The car has great sight lines, nice big windshield and big side windows, giving the vehicle great visibility. It also has nice sized side mirrors with the blind spot notification. Michael explains, "You feel very safe and secure in this vehicle."

Michael also explains some of the features of the dashboard and power tilt & telescoping steering wheel, the plethora of cargo space, plus the navigation screen. 

Michael also pops the transmission into Sport Mode for a brief taste of a more engaged drive.

It's such a quiet ride, but is it so quiet that Michael could whisper and we'd hear him perfectly? Challenge accepted. 

Michael explains the super handling, AWD, torque vectoring system. It can send power to the wheels that needs the most power. "It uses a lot of different sensors, as well as inputs from the driver, to figure out exactly what wheel needs the most power," says Michael. He also goes on to stress that it's useful in all weather situations, not just snow.

The cabin is well built and comfortable, dashboard functions are within arm's reach, seats are adjustable, plenty of head room. "I'm six foot one, and my hair is a little spikey, and I still got plenty of head room."

Michael gives a demonstration of the cruise control, and the car's safety features like lane keep assist system, and he lets the car cruise for a bit, virtually driving itself while Michael remains in control.

Michael gives a great demonstration to the parking sensors which will chime and alert the driver to close objects. You'll see them beep and alert, go into orange and red when Michael slowly navigates around parked vehicles.

Ultimately, Michael invites you to come down to Smail and give the MDX a test drive. "This car is just going to welcome you home," he boasts. "You can drive it around and you can actually get a real feel for it. You can get in the car and you can see what I mean when I say you feel very welcome and feel very at home in this car."

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